What is a Mind Atelier?

Indy Neogy
Indy Neogy
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The basic idea behind a Mind Atelier comes from the phrase "Mind Palace," popularised in the BBC TV show Sherlock. It describes using the Method of Loci as a technique to enhance your memory.

Looking at this, I asked myself, what would you call the place where you store the tools for thinking in your mind? And I came up with Mind Workshop - but of course that URL was taken, so here we are at Mind Atelier. That said, in the English language at least, Atelier does have some advantages as a word, because it implies a place where a number of different kinds of work are done, while a workshop may be more singularly focussed.

A note for the future [Date Stamp 2021-04-30]. It does strike me that "Mind Castle" might be an interesting phrase for particular aspects of mental wellness and retreat. But I have not built that project yet.

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Indy Neogy

Indy Neogy is the main author of Mind Atelier. He is a coach, consultant and thinker about better thinking using tools, spaces and principles for thought.